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Pass the National Test

The national portion of the test is broken down by category. Take a quiz that focuses on one specific area of the test. Allows the candidate to focus on where they can make points

Currently FREE to those willing to open a student account on the web site.



Online Course
Currently FREE to past licensing students!

Feedback on the beta site appreciated!

2019 Pass the NH Test

Over 250 New Hampshire specific practice questions that will get you through the test. Reviewing the quizzes will give you the insight you need into NH laws.

Online Course
Includes multiple practice tests, NH Review by the Numbers study guide, and powerpoint review of NH state law.

Maine Exam Prep

Expand your real estate business to Maine. This popular class prepares you for the Maine Law reciprocal test. The test is only 55 questions and you need a 75% to pass. Isn't it time for you to increase your business opportunities?

You must have an active real estate license in NH, MA or VT.

This course can also be done as correspondence. Contact instructor to arrange pick up in Portsmouth or free shipping

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Includes books and materials