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Water Quality Issues of the Region - Portsmouth NH

This course, filled with visuals & real life stories, will teach things about water you never knew and make you a better REALTOR by preparing you for the inevitable.

The course covers the sources of our water supplies, and who is responsible for them.  You will learn about "Small Public Water Supplies", which serve many of our condominium complexes and apartment buildings.  You will see examples of what poor water quality can do in a home, and about common health related contaminants that exist in our region.  And finally, you will receive an overview of what water treatment systems are available to solve these problems.  

The goal is not to make you an expert, but to make you a better REALTOR by exposing you to concepts & technologies that are a part of life for homeowners in this area. 

Portsmouth - KW Coastal Realty
750 Lafayette Road
Suite 201
Portsmouth, NH 03801
Cost: FREE
FREE and OPEN to ALL Agents Refreshments provided by Ryan Collins, HBL Group Insurance and Financial Services
Meeting Dates:
Tuesday, February 11th 2020

Don't let water quality problems slow your transactions. Water quality issues can be a source of challenge and lost opportunity. Gain a greater understanding of what is going on with our regional water. Knowledge leads to confidence when handling clients. The added value you provide will get you the referrals your business survives on.

By participating in this lively class, you will: Understand the potential water quality problems in this region. Be able to recognize symptoms of common water problems. Be able to understand the significance of water test results. Be able to recognize common water treatment systems. Understand how buyers and sellers respond to water issues. Understand the choices and responsibilities facing buyers and sellers. Understand their ethical responsibilities relative to water quality and test results.

This is 3 hour a classroom course that incorporates powerpoints with great visuals and many real life local stories and explanations to make the material come alive.
This course is approved by both the NH and Maine Real Estate Commissions.

Marie Degulis of Secondwind Water Systems, Inc. of Manchester, NH will be the presenter.

Secondwind Water Systems is a leading supplier of water treatment systems and services in New Hampshire and northern Massachusetts.

FREE and OPEN to ALL Agents

Refreshments provided by Ryan Collins, HBL Group Insurance and Financial Services