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Realtors Guide to NH Home Inspection Standards with Septic, Radon and Well Testing

Portsmouth - KW Coastal Realty
750 Lafayette Road
Suite 201
Portsmouth, NH 03801
Cost: FREE
Sponsored by Alpha Inspections Home & Commercial Building Inspections
Meeting Dates:
Thursday, February 8th 2018

This live class has been approved by the State of Maine and New Hampshire Real Estate Commissions.

Purpose of class: to familiarize student with standards of practice, laws & licensing and practical information on all aspects of the home inspection process in New Hampshire & Maine.

When should you order a home inspection? How do you prepare a buyer, a seller?  What does the client want from the home inspection? What do the agents want? When and why should an agent refer a particular home inspector? Review of standard of ethics. What are the different ways inspectors may perform inspections and deliver the report? What is acceptable verbiage when delivering findings?

Virtual home inspection explaining the standards of practice, review of typical Radon Air, Well & Water and Septic testing procedures.

Sponsored by Alpha Inspections Home & Commercial Building Inspections