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Investment Property Practice and Management, v4.0 - NH Online

ARELLO Difficulty Level: Advanced
This user-friendly interactive course borrows from topics covered in Introduction to Commercial Real Estate Sales and Property Management and Managing Risk. Specific topics explored include the nature of commercial real estate, classifications of real property, lease types, market value, and rate of return analysis.


Unit 1: Introduction to Professional Property Management
Unit 2: The Manager Owner Relationship
Unit 3: Economics and Planning
Unit 4: Leases and Tenant Issues
Unit 5: Managing Professional Properties
Unit 6: Managing Risk and Tenant Safety Issues
Unit 7: Characteristics of Commercial Investment Real Estate
Unit 8: Understanding and Analyzing Investment Returns
Unit 9: Income Tax Characteristics of the Real Estate Investment
Unit 10: Marketing Commercial Investment Real Estate


NH 10 elective clock hours

Cost: $100.00
This class is taken through RECampus. Once completed, certificates are emailed directly to the licensee.

Titles Include:

E2077      Environmental Issues in Your Real Estate Practice - 6 NH CEUs - $65

E2075IC   Everyday Ethics in Real Estate - 6 NH CEUs - $65

E2495      Fair Housing v4.1 - 6 NH CEUs - $65

E2179      Houses: Buy, Fix, Sell! - 4 NH CEUs - $45

E2176      Identity Theft: Protecting Your Clients & Your Business - 4 NH CEUs - $45

E2496      Introduction to Commercial Real Estate Sales v5.0 - 6 NH CEUs - $65

E2470      Investment Property Practice and Management - 12 NH CEUs - $125

E2123      Property Management and Managing Risk - 6 NH CEUs - $65

E2124      Real Estate Finance Today - 6 NH CEUs - $65

E2178      Real Estate and Taxes: What Every Agent Should Know - 6 NH CEUs - $65

E1438      Red Flags Property Inspection Guide - 3 NH CEUs - $35

E2026      Scams, Scoundrels and Real Estate Stings - 6 NH CEUs - $65


E2078      The Tiny House:Is it a Phase or a Craze? - 4 NH CEUs - $45

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Online Course
This class is taken through RECampus. Once completed, certificates are emailed directly to the licensee.